Brännboll World Cup 2019

Cup Results

Brännboll World Cup 2019

(Sixteenth Finals)
50 - 104

Bender i Pyjamas vs BK Rel

(Sixteenth Finals)
71 - 74

Plakat Pirat vs Fjöl Av

(Sixteenth Finals)
69 - 81

Härt & Fort vs Hermii Vänner

(Sixteenth Finals)
78 - 63

Lokal vs Västteg Klase 3B

(Sixteenth Finals)
74 - 69

Bränn inte Bullen vs Boston Bruins Årgång 79

(Sixteenth Finals)
75 - 52

Tesa Tejp vs Carpe Bollen

(Sixteenth Finals)
57 - 74

Lilla Gruppen vs Svinto

(Sixteenth Finals)
94 - 49

Burnouts vs Katastrof BK

(Sixteenth Finals)
68 - 82

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs BCZ

(Sixteenth Finals)
77 - 75

Herman och Hans Hund vs Grün Termos

(Sixteenth Finals)
91 - 58

Kom till secretariatet vs Gladiatorerna

(Sixteenth Finals)
73 - 61

Dom Röda vs Übermensch

(Sixteenth Finals)
Loss - Win

Dont stop believing vs High Rise or a Slice

(Sixteenth Finals)
65 - 88

Traktor MS vs Kenya Bridgeklubb

(Sixteenth Finals)
35 - 120

dIEsco Ninjas vs DUE PONTI

(Sixteenth Finals)
94 - 57

Salming vs Magnum P.I

(Eighth Finals)
63 - 87

Fjöl Av vs BK Rel

(Eighth Finals)
71 - 61

Lokal vs Hermii Vänner

(Eighth Finals)
62 - 72

Tesa Tejp vs Bränn inte Bullen

(Eighth Finals)
74 - 57

Burnouts vs Svinto

(Eighth Finals)
50 - 91

Herman och Hans Hund vs BCZ

(Eighth Finals)
59 - 74

Dom Röda vs Kom till secretariatet

(Eighth Finals)
67 - 82

Kenya Bridgeklubb vs High Rise or a Slice

(Eighth Finals)
84 - 66

Salming vs DUE PONTI

63 - 80

Lokal vs BK Rel

81 - 52

Burnouts vs Bränn inte Bullen

68 - 87

Kom till secretariatet vs BCZ

76 - 73

Salming vs High Rise or a Slice

71 - 69

Burnouts vs BK Rel

82 - 70

Salming vs BCZ

72 - 74

Burnouts vs Salming

Results taken from scores in Brännbollsryan website. For Official Results Please visit the link in [Reference: 1]


The 2019 Brännboll World Cup Final was a 74-72 victory for Salming over Burnouts. Salming had defeated BCZ 82-70 in the Semi-Finals, and Burnouts had defeated BK Rel 71-69. The Tournament took place over four days during the Brännbollsryan Music Festival at Umeå in Northern Sweden. Brännboll is the traditional Swedish version of Rounders and Baseball. [References: 1-3]

About the Brännbollsryan World Cup

The Brännbollsryan World Cup is a Bat and Ball Tournament that takes part at the largest music festival in Northern Sweden. Brännbollsryan is held every year at Umeå in Northern Sweden, and among the fun activities is a “World Cup” featuring teams playing the traditional Swedish version of Baseball and Rounders. [References: 3]

Scoring and Basic Rules [Reference: 3]

Batting Points

1 point for Incoming Player (Player who reaches Home)

6 points for Turning on your own (Home run)

Fielding points:

1 Point for Burning (Player is out)

1 Point for Lyre (Valid Strokes Only) – A ​​lyre is when you catch the ball without it being hit in the ground, and the ball is in your hands / hand under control.

5 points for burning out the indoor team + points for any burned players (Indoor Team is either Home Team or Batting Team)

In the case of outdoor burning, all players must return to the battlefield. (Outdoor Team is either Away Team or Fielding team)

The Number of Stroke Attempts

Maximum 2 attempts. Only 1 stroke if the first stroke is valid. 1 more attempt shall be made if the 1st stroke is invalid.

Invalid Strokes

  • If the ball does not hit
  • If the ball hits over shoulder height
  • If the ball lands before it has passed the short stroke line
  • If the ball lands or is caught outside the striking sector
  • If no part of the hitter’s lower body is on or above the hammock when the ball is hit
  • If the striker does not have the little finger on one of the hands closest to the narrow end of the wood when the blow is performed
  • If the hand is not threaded through the loop at the time of impact (there is a loop at the end of the bat handle)
  • If the ball never leaves the hitter’s hand at the time of hitting, the ball must not be moved
  • If the ball is not in the air when it hits
  • If the bat breaks or leaves your hands in a dangerous way
  • Notable: The bat must be left before the butcher has passed the first cone (Butcher = Batter; Cone = Base)


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