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Dublin & District Leagues & Cups (Badminton) | Mixed Division 1 2019-20

Dublin & District Leagues & Cups – Badminton – Logo [Reference: 1]


Ailesbury Mx232108-40-00-05
Mount Pleasant Mx111004-00-00-02
Ailesbury Mx111004-00-00-02
South Dublin Mx121015-30-00-02
KADCA Mx120204-44-5152-1582
Portarlington P Mx130123-95-4158-1521
Pembroke Mx120020-80-00-00
Dublin & District Leagues & Cup – Badminton – Mixed Division 1 Table 2019-20 [Reference: 2]

Results Grid

Ail Mx1Ail Mx2KADCA Mx1MP Mx1Pem Mx1Prtn Mx1SD Mx1
Ail Mx1xxx4-0
Ail Mx2xxx
KADCA Mx12-2xxx
MP Mx1xxx
Pem Mx1xxx
Prtn Mx11-32-20-4xxx
SD Mx11-34-0xxx
Dublin & District Leagues & Cups – Badminton – Mixed League Division 1 Results Grid 2019-20 [Reference: 2]


Dublin & District Leagues & Cups run Badminton Leagues for Ladies, Mens & Mixed teams in the Greater Dublin Area. Badminton Leagues in Ireland are all County Based, with the exception of the Badminton Premier League which is a Level 0 (Level 2 Internationally) League run by Leinster Badminton.

The Leagues are graded according to the ability of the players (e.g. A1, B2, C3 … G7 etc) within the Irish & International Grading System.



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[2] Badminton Ireland (2017) DDLC 1920 Mixed League – Div 1 Section 1 –  Draw [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 23 December 2019]


Thanks to Nora & Declan Mulcahy.

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