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Endurance Ireland Trophies 2019

Endurance Ireland Logo [Reference: 1]


Delour Valley Stud
Open Mileage Trophy
Evelyn MooreTeresa Moore
Kilkenny Intermediate
Mileage Championship
Hope Novice
Mileage Champion Trophy
Eamon & Caitlin ConwayMary & Breffni BalkinHeather Lemmon-Kiely
Smuggler Trail Ride
Mileage Champion Trophy
Anne KinsellaSusanne O’RourkeMary & Breffni Balkin
Inspire Trail Ride
Mileage Champion Trophy
Breffni BalkinCaitlin ConwayNatasha O’Rourke
Dantean Top Arab TrophyShalimar (Princess)
Owner Mary Balkin-Hoey)
Abbeyleix Non-Arab TrophyGales Hill Sabre
(Owner Teresa Moore)
(Owner Evelyn Moore)
Benny & Pepsi
(Owner Eamon Conway)
IDHBA Top Irish
Draught Trophy
Merry Wood
(Owner John Lidierth)
Kilpiper Julie
(Owner Peter McLoughlin)
Ballycreen Minerva
(Owner David Crosby)
Barrow Dancer
Veteran Trophy
Gales Hill Scimitar
(Owner Teresa Moore)
(Owner Shane Mullen)
Gales Hill Boffin
(Owner Teresa Moore)
Gales Hill Stables
Top Competitive Horse Trophy
Slaneyside Queen
(Owner Evelyn Moore)
Interschools TeamSt. Joseph’s Secondary School
Interschool Individual TrophyCaitlin ConwayBreffni BalkinNatasha O’Rourke
Endurance Ireland Trophies 2019 [Reference: 2]


Endurance Riding is one of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) sports, and involves riders and horses to cover varying terrain of up to 160km. The key to Endurance Riding is the welfare of the horse, and to this end regular vet checks take place before, during and after rides.

Endurance Ireland Trophy winners 2019 [Reference: 3][Photo credit: Endurance Ireland]


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