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Equestrian & Harness Racing


Harness Racing is Pony & Trap, similar to Chariot Racing. Draught Horses are employed rather than Throroughbreds.

Irish Harness Racing Association


The Highlight of the Irish Harness Racing Association is the All-Ireland Series.

IHRA Leaderboard & All-Ireland Series

IHRA Leaderboard (Seasons) 2019

IHRA All Ireland Series (Seasons): 2020

IHRA All-Ireland Trot Series (Seasons): 2019

IHRA All-Ireland Pace Series (Seasons):2019

IHRA Race Winners

IHRA Race Winners (Seasons): 2019

IHRA Race Winners Portmarnock (Seasons): 2020

IHRA Race Winners Annaghmore (Seasons): 2020

IHRA Race Winners Dunmanway (Seasons):2020

IHRA Race Winners Lyre (Seasons): 2020

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National Ploughing Championships

National Ploughing Championships Five Nations

NPC 5 Nations Reversible Plough Class (seasons): 2019

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