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Softball Leinster Division 2 Results 2021

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SL Division 2 2021PWLW/ORFRAGBPts
Thirsty Camels220028250.010
Ashbourne Antlers Dashers211024181.07
Hippety Hippos211041501.07
Marlay Mustangs211042361.07
Hippety Hipsters210119241.65
Ashbourne Antlers Comets202023312.04
Deadly Suspects202033452.04
[References: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
10.06.2021Hippety Hippos20Renegade Reapers35
10.06.2021Thirsty Camels10Ashbourne Antlers Comets8
10.06.2021Deadly Suspects16Marlay Mustangs26
10.06.2021Ashbourne Antlers Dashers7Hippety Hipsters0 #
Week 2
17.06.2021Ashbourne Antlers Comets15Hippety Hippos21
17.06.2021Hippety Hipsters19Deadly Suspects17
17.06.2021Thirsty Camels18Ashbourne Antlers Dashers 17
17.06.2021Marlay Mustangs16Renegade Reapers20
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Home Field

2nd Division
Ashbourne Antlers DashersAshbourne International Baseball Centre, Co. Meath
Antlers CometsAshbourne International Baseball Centre, Co. Meath
Renegade ReapersSt. Anne’s Park, Raheny
Thirsty CamelsSt. Anne’s Park, Raheny
The HomersStannaway Park, Kimmage (sitting out 2021)
Temple Bar HippiesStannaway Park, Kimmage
Marlay MustangsMarlay Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Deadly SuspectsMarlay Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
Ingloriuous BattersLucan Centre, Lucan, Co. South Dublin (sitting out in 2021)
Wicklow WolvesShoreline Leisure, Charlesland, Co. Wicklow
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Thanks to Paul Croke, Conor Sayles and Cillian Murphy, Marlay Martyrs and Marlay Mustangs 2021.

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