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Softball has two main variations: Fastpitch Softball, which is Women’s version of Baseball, and Slowpitch Softball, a mainly mixed (coed) recreational version of the game. In Europe, however, both Slowpitch and Fastpitch are highly competitive sports with International fixtures for both Club and Country. In USA, the highest levels of the sport of Softball in the World are the Professional Fastpitch Leagues and NCAA College Softball Leagues for Women

Professional Fastpitch Softball

Professional Softball Leagues for women include National Pro Fastpitch – the latest attempt at establishing a permanent Professional Softball League (Fastpitch Softball is Women’s Baseball). There are also leagues in Europe and around the world

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Professional Softball

National Pro Fastpitch

National Pro Fastpitch (Women’s Softball) (Seasons):


World Softball

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

World Softball

UK Softball

UK Softball (Seasons): 1991

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