Short Oval Racing Association Tipperary Raceway Nationals 2014-Present

Tipperary Raceway Logo [Reference: 6]

SOHRA Nationals 2014

1970Shane Murphy3438403836351719294040386
2261David Casey3029362917373533353235348
3955Damien Mulvey1627101639333635343427307
4200Eamon Donovan1831272215x3115x3032221
517Gary Kelly2115312826279xxxx157
6740Ruairi Cooke1617x231001724205x132
7961Tom Casey2835xxxx5x380x106
8420Eddie Wallxxxxxxxx24182568
9982Tom MacSweeney4x1186215xxxx55
10906Eddie Foottxxxxx21x19xxx40
11777Les Compellix020xx012xxxx32
1320Derek Martin27xxxxxxxxxx27
14962John Christiexxxx27xxxxxx27
159Glenn Campbellxxxx22xxxxxx22
164Nigel McCawleyxxxx17xxxxxx17
17142Mike Riordanxxxxx10xxxxx10
18700Michael Walshxxxxxxxxxxx0
SOHRA Tipperary Raceway Nationals Championship Standings 2014 [Reference: 1]

SOHRA Nationals 2015

1261David Caseyx3916373634313835353134366
2970Shane Murphy35x3639035383840311438344
3955Damien Mulvey93213274029292330143534315
4420Eddie Wall73316212831257x27xx195
517Gary Kelly282832172616x8xx5x160
6142Jeff Riordanxxxxx25x2817212830149
7982Tom McSweeney192188220810x202012148
8777Les Compelli39102432xx0xxxxx105
9888Derek Whelan102147705xxx40x94
10121Charlie Dalyxxxxxx182219xxx59
11888David O’Reganxxxxxxxx1240xx52
12740Ruairi Cookex02216xxxxxx8x46
13142Mike Riordanxxxxxx37xxxxx37
1483Alan McCormack33xxxxxxxxxxx33
15906Eddie Foott21xxxxxxxxxxx21
16311Michael Walshxxxxxxxxx4xx4
SOHRA Tipperary Raceway Nationals Championship Standing 2015 [Reference: 2]

SOHRA Nationals 2016

1261David Casey3635364037403440323938407
2970Shane Murphy402840363136393638xx324
3955Damien Mulvey2232x313227320383638288
4925Jeff Riordan3126302928x2928281732278
5420Eddie Wallxxx2422252532xx25153
6982Tom McSweeneyx2527151816185xx0124
7888Derek Whelanx1015x2032xxxxx77
8208David O’Reganxxxxxxxx24x2145
9803Sean Kenny2416x0xxxxxxx40
10906Eddie Foott612xxx20xxxxx38
11202Nathan Whelanxxxxxx1912xxx31
1271Janes Gintyxxxxxxxxxx00
SOHRA Nationals Championship Standings 2016 [Reference: 3]

SOHRA Nationals 2017

1208David O’Regan344037111
2925Jeff Riordan3803977
361Brendan O’Connell36xx36
4803Sean Kenny28xx28
5906Eddie Foottx9x9
SOHRA National Championship Standings 2017 [Reference: 4]

SOHRA Nationals 2018

1925Jeff Riordan3840404040384038349357
2261David Caseyxxxxx3136304040177
361Brendan O’Connell22xxx36293230x26175
4803Sean Kennyxxxx242428202929154
5777Les Compelli20xxx2338038xx119
6208David O’Regan36332426xxxxxx119
751Damien Mulveyx353634xxxxxx105
8982Tom McSweeneyxxxx8xx2482363
910Pauric McQuaid31x29xxxxxxx60
10906Eddie Foottxxx29xxxxxx29
11121Charlie Dalyxxxx28xxxxx28
12200Eamon Donovan5xxxxxxxxx5
SOHRA Nationals Championship Standings 2018 [Referenc5: 5]


There are two heats and a Final at each event with scoring as follows: (The Points for each race above are a Total of the two Heats & Final. The TTL Column denotes the Final Championship Points, totaling all races and meets.

PositionHeat 1Heat 2Final
Scoring for SOHRA Tipperary Raceway Nationals 2014-Present [Reference: 1-5]


SOHRA is a governing body for Stock Car Auto Racing in Ireland. The Nationals, which take place at Tipperary Raceway are one of about a dozen disciplines which are raced at the track.

Tipperary Raceway is the Leading Short Oval Circuit in Ireland, and is located just outside the village of Rosegreen in Co. Tipperary. [Reference: 6]

Tipperary Raceway, Rosegreen, Co. Tipperary [Reference: 8]



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Thanks to Emerson Callender, Gerry Tully, Tony Meenaghan, Declan Mulvey, John Malone, Alan McCormack & Rachel Croke.

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