Baseball Ireland Teams

The first Irish Baseball League season took place in 1997 with four teams. The following year it was decided to start fresh with all-new teams and an all-players draft. The Hurricanes and Spartans, now Dublin City Hurricanes and Dublin Spartans were among those teams and are still (as of 2021) in the Baseball Ireland A-League.

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Baseball Ireland Teams

Irish Baseball & Softball Federation 1997-2005; Baseball Ireland 2006-Present

(*) Teams still in existence marked with an asterisk

First Four IBL Teams 1997

Chiefs 1997

Colts 1997

Dodgers 1997

Dukes 1997

Dublin IBL Teams 1998-2006

Panthers 1998-2005

Blue Devils 2001-2004

Trojans 2004-2005

Giants 2005

Dublin IBL / Baseball Ireland Teams 1998-Present

Dublin City Hurricanes 1998-2020 (*)

Dublin Spartans 1998-2020 (*)

Dublin Black Sox 2001-2017

Twins 2006-2007

Belfast IBL / Baseball Ireland Teams 1997-Present

Belfast NorthStars 1997-2020 (*)

Belfast Wolves 2004-2006

International IBL / Baseball Ireland Teams 1999-2014

DiMaggios 1999

Tigers 2003-2004

Dublin City Indios 2008

Dublin Tigers 2014

Leinster Provincial Teams 2002-2022

Greystones Mariners 2002-2020

Munster Teams 2008-2020

Cork Druids 2008

Munster Warriors 2009-2013

West Clare Dolphins 2010-2016

Ulster Provincial Teams 2010-2022

Cavan Comets 2010-2020

Baseball Ireland A League Teams

Baseball Ireland B1 League Teams

Baseball Ireland B2 League Teams

Indoor Cage League Teams 2021-Present