Connacht Munster Softball

There are four Provinces in Ireland, each of which has or had its own Softball League, beginning with the Leinster Softball League which started in 1989, following on from the Dublin Softball League which played from 1982 to 1989. The Ulster Softball League started in 2009 and is still playing. The Munster Softball League played from 2011-2014, growing out of the Cork-Galway Friendlies, and the Galway Softball League (Connacht) started in 2020, growing out of the Galway Softball Trophy which played in the 2010s.

Connacht Munster Softball

Galway Softball is represented by Galway Tribes and Galway Hookers, and there was once a Connacht Softball Association in 2002 which included Longford Triads. In 2021 a new four team Galway Softball League started with teams carrying sponsors names from local businesses. The Galway Softball League replaced the Munster Softball League which ran from 2010 to 2011 including teams from Cork, Limerick, West Clare and Galway. From 2006 to 2009 Cork, Galway and Kerry teams played friendlies amongst themselves and Galway’s two teams the Tribes (named after famous Galway Merchant Families) and the Hookers (named after famous Galway Boats) played friendlies amonst themselves and in Blitzes from approximately 2014 to 2018.

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After the Cork and West Clare Softball teams ceased, Limerick and Galway continued to play in blitzes in Dublin and in the Irish Open Softball Tournament, while the Galway team formed two teams: Tribes and Hookers (named after famous Galway Merchant families and famous Galway boats respectively).

Galway Softball

Connacht Softball Association; Galway Softball.

Galway Softball League

Galway Softball League (Seasons): 2021

Galway Softball Trophys & Cups:

Connacht Softball | Galway Softball Trophy 2014-2018

Connacht Softball | Galway MVP Cup 2017-2018

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Lasting two years the Munster Softball League featured teams from Cork, Limerick, West Clare and Galway.

Softball Munster

Munster Softball League

Softball Munster:

Munster Softball League 2010-2011

Munster Softball League Seasons:

2010 2011

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from 2006 to 2008 Galway and Cork Softball teams played friendly games against each other. These two teams were joined by teams from Kerry in 2009 leading to the first full-fledged League outside Dublin – the Munster Softball League in 2010.

Cork-Galway Softball

Munster Softball League

West Coast Softball Friendlies (Seasons):

West Coast Softball Friendlies 2009

Cork-Galway Softball Friendlies (Seasons):

Cork-Galway Softball Friendlies 2008

Cork-Galway Softball Friendlies 2007

Galway-Cork Softball Friendlies 2006

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Starting in 2001 the first League play outside Dublin featured teams from Bray (Co. Wicklow), Longford, Galway, Cork, and two Business teams.

Inter-County Softball

Inter-County Softball League

Irish Softball Association Inter-County Tournament (Seasons):

Irish Softball Association Inter-County Tournament 2001

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