Softball Leinster Blitzes

Softball Blitzes take part throughout Dublin, with the Pink Blitz in St. Mary’s, Templeogue, and the Castleknock Invitational Blitz perhaps being the most notable among Leinster Softball Blitzes. Note: International Blitzes such as the Irish Open Softball Trophy and the Irish International Invitatational have their own page on Eirball.

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Leinster Softball Blitzes

Budweiser Challenge Trophy; Castleknock Invitational Blitz; Flyers Invitational Blitz; Suspects Pink Blitz;

Budweiser Challenge Trophy, UCD, Dublin 4 – Hosted by Dodder (Seasons):


Castleknock Invitational Blitz, Dublin 15 (Seasons):

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Flyers Invitational Blitz, ALSAA, Co. Fingal (Seasons):


Suspects Pink Blitz, St. Mary’s RFC, Templeogue D6W (Overview):

Softball Leinster Suspects Pink Blitz (St. Mary’s RFC Templeogue D6W) 1999-Present