Softball Ulster League 2013

Softball Ulster Logo [References: 1]
Softball Ulster Logo [References: 1]

Final Standings 2013

Belfast Brawlers (C)1210219297.833
Belfast Sliders129326378.750
Jordanstown Elks1284168125.667
Belfast Cubs1284133125.667
Belfast Aviators1239115190.250
Belfast Aces123993205.250
Belfast Braves1211173217.083
[References: 2]


DateAway TeamHome Team
Week 1
08.04.2013Belfast Brawlers14Belfast Aviators13
08.04.2013Jordanstown Elks22Belfast Sliders17 &
Week 2
15.04.2013Belfast Sliders29Belfast Braves3
15.04.2013Belfast Aces(15)Belfast Cubs(20) &
Week 3
21.04.2013Jordanstown Elks19Belfast Aviators5
21.04.2013Belfast Braves15Belfast Aces18
Week 4
28.04.2013Jordanstown Elks4Belfast Cubs10
29.04.2013Belfast Brawlers12Belfast Sliders6
29.04.2013Belfast Braves11Belfast Aviators30
Week 5
12.05.2013Jordanstown Elks16Belfast Aces5
12.05.2013Belfast Aviators2Belfast Sliders48
12.05.2013Belfast Braves0 #Belfast Brawlers7
Week 6
20.05.2013Belfast Aces11Belfast Aviators8
20.05.2013Jordanstown Elks15Belfast Braves14
Week 7
26.05.2013Belfast Braves2Belfast Cubs6
29.05.2013Belfast Aces5Belfast Brawlers17 &
Week 8
02.06.2013Jordanstown Elks10Belfast Brawlers5
03.06.2013Belfast Aces3Belfast Sliders18
Week 9
09.06.2013Belfast Aviators4Belfast Brawlers25
09.06.2013Belfast Cubs17Belfast Aces1
10.06.2013Belfast Aces21Belfast Cubs33 &
10.06.2013Belfast Sliders29Jordanstown Elks7
Week 10
17.06.2013Belfast Brawlers24Belfast Cubs7
Week 11
24.06.2013Belfast Sliders13Belfast Brawlers12
Week 12
01.07.2013Belfast Brawlers0 #Belfast Braves7
01.07.2013Belfast Sliders15Belfast Cubs0
Week 13
07.07.2013Belfast Cubs2Jordanstown Elks13
07.07.2013Belfast Aviators7Belfast Cubs0 #
Week 14
15.07.2013Belfast Aces14Belfast Braves17
Week 15
21.07.2013Belfast Cubs14Belfast Brawlers16
21.07.2013Belfast Aviators13Belfast Braves1
24.07.2013Belfast Braves1Belfast Sliders32 &
Week 16
28.07.2013Belfast Aviators3Ulster Elks11
28.07.2013Belfast Cubs12Belfast Braves3
29.07.2013Belfast Sliders24Belfast Aviators9
29.07.2013Belfast Brawlers23Jordanstown Elks17
Week 17
05.08.2013Belfast Sliders27Belfast Aces1
Week 18
11.08.2013Belfast Aviators7Belfast Cubs11
12.08.2013Belfast Brawlers30Belfast Aces8
12.08.2013Belfast Braves6Jordanstown Elks34
Week 19
18.08.2013Belfast Cubs6Belfast Sliders5
18.08.2013Belfast Cubs15Belfast Aviators14
19.08.2013Belfast Aces7Jordanstown Elks0 #&
[References: 4][Week 19 calculated from Standings in 2-3]

Note: # forfeit

Note 2: & Elks v Sliders 08.04.2013 called at bottom of 5th Innings due to light.

& : Aces v Cubs 15.04.2013 play suspended top of 4th innings due to fading light. remaining innings rescheduled for 10.06.2013

& Aces v Braves 15.07.2013 moved from 24.06.2013

& Braves v Sliders 24.07.2013 moved from 24.06.2013 them moved from 10.07.2013

& Aviators v Elks 28.07.2013 moved from 23.06.2013

& Aces v Elks 19.08.2013 moved from 22.06.2013


Belfast Brawlers won a very competitive Softball Ulster League in 2013 by one game from Belfast Sliders which was not decided until the final days play when Sliders lost by one run to Belfast Cubs. The Cubs went on later that day to win another game by a single run against Belfast Aviators and with Jordanstown Elks forfeiting their last match to the Belfast Aces it meant the Top 4 read Belfast Brawlers (10-2) Belfast Sliders (9-3), Jordanstown Elks (8-4) and Belfast Cubs (8-4). The difference between the four teams at the end was Belfast Brawlers doing the double against Belfast Cubs, winning both Home and Away (Road) Games.

The other three teams in the League failed to win a match against the top four (excepting the Aces forfeit win over the Elks on the last day. The difference between theses three teams was the Aviators double win over the Belfast Braves, as the Final Standings at the foot of the table read: Belfast Aviators (3-9), Belfast Aces (3-9) and Belfast Braves (1-11).



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Thanks to Andrew Craven & Daniel & Christina Taylor and Belfast Sliders.

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