Jugger is like a cross between American Football and Medieval Combat. It is a team Sport where the objective is to get a skull from the middle of the field into a zone at the opposing teams end. There are five players on each team, four of whom are paired off fightning each other with padded weapons such as swords.

When a player is ‘killed’ in these fights he has to kneel down and is out of the game for that particular round. The Fifth person is the Qwick. His job is to get the skull from the middle of the field past the opposing Qwick into a zone at their opponents endzone. He can only advance the skull once the other teams fighters are all dead. The team which scores the most skull touchdowns is the winner.

Jugger Turniere

Jugger Turniere – Irish Teams Record

Below you will find links to Jugger Turniere Tournaments involving Irish Teams:

Season 2015

Mile High International 2015

Season 2016

Irish International 2016

International Tournament of Spain 2016

Metallsvenskan Jugger Turnering 2016

Season 2017

Jugger.cz Open 2017

Jarnsvenskan 2017

Season 2019

3. jugger.cz Open 2019

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