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American Football Ireland: American Football Ireland (1986-Present); 8v8 Football in Ireland (1993-Present); Flag Football in Ireland (1985-Present); American Teams in Ireland (1942-Present); Irish International American Football Matches (Club and Country); Football USA: NFL; AFLs; XFLs; USFLs, NCAA College Football; Canadian Football: Football Canada (CFL, CJFL, U Sport); Arena Indoor Football; IFL Indoor Football League, NAL National Arena League, AFL Arena Football League, LEXFA Mexico, Super 8 FL Mexico-USA; Women’s Football: WNFC Women’s National Football Conference, WFA (Minor League), WNFL (Past Leagues), Queen’s League (NL), Sapphire League (UK), Naiset (SF), Damen (D, AUT), Femenil (MX); American Football World Cup; World National Leagues; ELF Europe: European League of Football, Eurobowl, European Championships, BAFA Britain, British College Football, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Galicia, GFL Germany and German State Leagues, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Catalonia, Portugal, Italy, Aple-Adria, Balkans, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary; LFA Mexico: Liga de Futbol Americano, Mexican Minor Leagues ONEFA Mexican College, Brazilian, Argentinian and Guatemalan American Football Leagues; Japan X-League: Japan X-League, Japan College Football, JAFF Japan Minor Leagues, China NFL, China AFL, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Central Asia, Turkey, Israel, UAE; World Football: Australian Gridiron League; Australian State Leagues; New Zealand; Egypt; Morocco; World Flag Football.

Basketball Ireland: National Basketball League (Men) 1977-Present, National Basketball League (Women) 1980-Present), National Basketball Cups (Super League, Division 1, Intermediate, U19, U16 – Men and women), All-Ireland Championships (Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland Era 1947-1977), All-Ireland Club Cups (Junior), Basketball Tournaments. Schools Basketball: Colleges Basketball, BIPPS All-Ireland Schools Cups (1970s-Present), BIPPS All-Ireland Schools Leagues, All-Ireland Schools Championships, Schools Regional Leagues, Mini-Basketball (Primary School). International Basketball: Olympic Games, FIBA Europe Club Cups, British and Irish Basketball Federation, Special Olympics, Schools Internationals. Area Boards: Dublin Ladies, Dublin Men’s, South East, Cork, Kerry, North Munster (incl. Clare), Midlands, Galway, North Connacht (incl. Mayo, LonLeitRos, Sligo, Shannonside), North West, Northern Ireland, North East. Other Basketball: Wheelchair Basketball, 3×3 Basketball, Macra na Feirme Basketball, Defence Forces Basketball, Dublin Mixed Basketball, Community Games Basketball. Basketball USA: NBA, WNBA, NBA Development Leagues, Alternative Professional Leagues, American Basketball Teams in Ireland.

Ice Hockey: Irish Ice Hockey Leagues and Cups; Celtic Ice Hockey Leagues; Elite Ice Hockey League; Irish Ice Hockey Teams; IIHF Ice Hockey Ireland Internationals; World Ice Hockey (NHL, AHL, CHL; KHL; College Hockey); Inline & Unihoc: Inline Hockey Ireland; Unihoc; Field Hockey: Hockey Ireland; FIH International Hockey; Colleges Hockey; Indoor Hockey; Provincial Field Hockey: Connacht Hockey; Leinster Hockey; Munster Hockey; Ulster Hockey; South East League; Colleges Hockey. World Ball Hockey: Bandy Super League (Russia); Irish Roller Hockey Leagues; Portuguese Roller Hockey League; World Ball Hockey Championships; Floorball (Special Olympics). World Hockey Sports: Canadian Ringette; Choule Crosse (Normandy); Chaco Indian Hockey (WIN World Indigenous Nations Games).

Baseball: Baseball Ireland (1996-Present); Confederation of European Baseball (Ireland’s Record 1997-Present); Major League Baseball; Minor League Baseball; Independent Baseball; Winter Leagues; World Professional Baseball Leagues. Little League Baseball Softball: Fastpitch Softball; Softball Ireland (1989-Present); Softball Leinster (1982-Present); Connacht Munster Softball (2006-Present); Softball Ulster (2009-Present); College and Indoor Softball;


Rounders: GAA Rounders; Community Games Rounders; GAA Rounders Alpen Cup; Rounders Internationals; British Rounders; Australian Rounders; British and Scandianavian Baseball Games: Welsh Baseball (British Game); English Baseball (British Game – Liverpool); Pesapallo (Finland); Brannboll (Sweden)

Hurling; Gaelic Football; Camogie; Ladies Gaelic; Handball (GAA; World Handball Council); Poc Fada; Rounders (GAA; GAA Alps; British, Australian); All-Ireland, Provincial and County Leagues (Connacht, Leinster, Munster Ulster); GAA International (All-Britain; All-American; World Games); GAA Development (Sevens and 11s; Gaeltacht GAA).

Irish Soccer: All-Ireland Soccer; FAI Republic of Ireland; IFA Northern Ireland; Irish Women’s Soccer; Connacht and Ulster (ROI) Leagues; Dublin Senior and District Leagues; Leinster Provincial and District Leagues; Munster Provincial and District Leagues; Football Fives Futsal, Indoor Football, Football Fives, Mini-Football, Powerchair Football, Street Soccer, Beach Soccer; World Soccer: FIFA; UEFA Europe; CSF South America; CONCACAF North, Central America & Caribbean; AFC Asia; CAF Africa; OFC Oceania; Island Games; CONIFA Independent; World Indoor Soccer; Inter-Continental.

Rugby Union: Irish Rugby Football Union; Women’s Rugby; Wheelchair, Sevens and Tag Rugby; World Rugby Union; United Rugby Championship/Pro 12/Celtic League; Rugby League: Rugby League Ireland

Netball: Netball ireland; Netball Europe (Ireland’s Record); Netball Dublin Leagues; Student Sport Ireland Netball; Korfball: Dutch Game – Ireland’s Record; Ringball: South African Game; Cestoball: Argentinian Game.

Lacrosse: Men’s Lacrosse (Ireland Lacrosse and International); Women’s Lacrosse (Ireland Lacrosse and International); Box Lacrosse (Indoor Lacrosse).

Water Polo: (Irish Water Polo Association; Swim Ireland Water Polo and Ireland Water Polo Eras): Ireland Water Polo (Mens and Womens); Leinster Water Polo; Canoe Polo: Munster Polo League; Water Polo Tournaments; Water Polo Teams; Schools & Colleges Water Polo; Underwater Hockey: Irish Underwater Hockey League.

Badminton: Badminton Ireland; Dublin & District Leagues and Cups; Louth; Meath; South West Leinster; Cork; Galway; Donegal; Ulster; Student Sport Ireland Badminton; Tennis: Tennis Ireland; Squash: Squash Ireland, Squash Leinster; Table Tennis: Table Tennis Home Internationals; Other Racquet Sports: Real Tennis; Racquetball; Padel.

Kabaddi (South Asia); Sepak Takraw (South East Asia); Polo (Central Asia); Polocrosse (Australia); Kemari (Japan Football); Cuju (China Football); Marn Grook (Australian Aboriginal Football); Stickball (Native American); Ulama-Pok-Ta-Pok (Mexica-Maya Mexico-Central American); Chaco Indian Hockey (South America)

Boxing: Boxing, UFC, Wrestling: Olympic Wrestling (Greco-Roman), WWE (American), Lucha Libre (Mexican); Sumo (Japanese); Fencing: Fencing; Martial Arts: Karate; Modern Team Combat: Jugger, Paintball / Airsoft, Laser Tag (Quasar), Capture the Flag.