Racquet Sports played in Ireland include Tennis; Badminton; Squash; Table Tennis; Real Tennis; Racketlon; Racquetball; Padel.


Davis Cup Tennis; Irish Tennis: Dublin Lawn Tennis.

Tennis is popular throughout Ireland, with Irish Open and Davis Cup International Tennis the highest competitive levels. There are also Tennis Leagues such as the Dublin Lawn Tennis Council.

Davis Cup

Euro/African Zone: 1991

Tennis Ireland

Senior Tournaments (Seasons): 2019

Dublin Lawn Tennis Council

Ladies Premier Class: 2017

Men’s Class 1: 2017

Ladies Class 1: 2017

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Badminton Ireland, Badminton Leagues, Schools and Colleges Badminton

Badminton is played both competitively and recreationally in community centres throughout Ireland. The biggest prize in Irish Badminton is the Irish Open, a top International Tournament, which has been running for over 100 years. There are also numerous Individual & Doubles competitions throughout the year, run on a National, Provincial or Local (County) basis

There are leagues in each county or district, and also a Badminton Premier League, which attracts the top players from all over Ireland International Competitions feature the best of Irish Badminton talent, and Irish players have competed in the Olympics. Below the National & Provincial level, County Level competitions are run throughout the year, for both Singles & Doubles. There are Colleges and Schools Competitions, both Club & Doubles / Individual, at a National Level . There are also Club Competitions in each Club.

Badminton Ireland

Badminton Ireland Logo [Reference: 1]

Image Reference

[1] Twimg (2017) Badminton Ireland Logo [Internet] Available from: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/713368919436828672/79RXVwkb.jpg [Accessed 23 April 2017]

Badminton Ireland organizes Graded National Competitions in Men’s, Ladies & Mixed, with those awarded part of Ranking counting towards the National Ranking for Singles & Doubles.

It also organizes the Irish Open, which is an International Tournament.

Badminton Ireland

Badminton Ireland organizes Graded National Competitions in Men’s, Ladies & Mixed, with those awarded part of Ranking counting towards the National Ranking for Singles & Doubles.

It also organizes the Irish Open, which is an International Tournament.

Badminton Ireland Competitions (Rolls of Honour):

Badminton Ireland Irish Open Men’s Singles 2012-2016

Badminton Ireland National Champions Ladies Singles 1912-Present

Badminton Ireland National Champions Men’s Singles 1912-Present

Badminton Ireland National Champions Ladies Doubles 1923-Present

Badminton Ireland National Champions Men’s Doubles 1912-Present

Badminton Ireland Ranking Tournaments

Badminton Ireland FZ Forza U19 Nationals (Seasons): 2020

Badminton Ireland FZ Forza Irish U15 Open (Seasons): 2019

Ulster Open (Seasons)2018

Munster Open (Seasons): 2018

Connacht Open (Seasons): 2019

Ulster Badminton U13 Open (Seasons): 2019

Connacht Badminton GLTC Grade E Open (Seasons): 2019

Leinster Badminton Mount Pleasant Open (Seasons): 2019

Leinster Badminton Autumn Yonex Open (Seasons): 2019

Meath Badminton Association Grade 3 Ladies (Seasons): 2015-16

Irish Club Championships

Badminton Ireland Irish Club Cups Grade A 2013-2016

Irish Club Championships Grade C (Seasons): 2017-18

Inter-County Championship Juvenile (Seasons):  2017 (Check this)

Badminton Ireland Primary School Boys (Seasons): 2017 (Check This)

Badminton Leagues

Student Sport Ireland / Badminton Ireland League (Seasons): 2019-20

Image Credit

[12] Badminton Premier League Facebook Page (2020) Post May 12, 2019: “BPL Final 2019 BPL Team Photo – Ailesbury Falcons” [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/badmintonpremierleague/photos/pcb.2964366713787951/2964363900454899 [Accessed 2 August 2020]


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European Squash

European Team Championships Division 2 Men’s (Seasons): 2019

European Masters Individual Championships (Seasons): 2019

Squash Ireland

Irish Open (Seasons): 2019

Irish Junior Open (Seasons): 1991

Open Tournaments (Seasons): 1991

Men’s Grade A Finals (Seasons):1991

Women’s Grade A Finals (Seasons): 1991

Leinster Squash

Leinster Squash League | Men’s Premier 2013-2017

Leinster Squash League | Premier Women 2013-2017

Table Tennis

Home Nations Table Tennis

Veterans Home Nations Championships

VHNTTC Team Events (Seasons): 2019

Real Tennis

Irish Real Tennis Association

Irish Real Tennis Association:

Real Tennis is the sport of Kings: It was played by only royalty in the Middle Ages, and is played indoors on an asymmetrical court with galleries (openings) with a roof alomg one side. the wall come up to the edge of the court.

Irish Real Tennis Association Open Finals 2003-2018

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All-Ireland Club Championships

Racquetball All-Ireland Championships

Racquetball All-Ireland Club Championships (Seasons): 1996

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Padel Federation of Ireland

Padel is a Racquet Sport played with a Tennis-Racquet sized Paddle (as in Table Tennis) hence the name. It is played on a court resembling a Tennis court with a net and fences surrounding the playing area which come right up to the playing area. When the ball hits the fence and bounces back it is still in play. Hitting and serving is underarm.

Padel Federation of Ireland

PFI Premiere Padel League Grupo 450-600 (Seasons): 2018

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