Comets Baseball (BI-Cage)

About Comets Baseball

Comets Baseball moved to Peace Link Park in Clones, Co. Monaghan shortly before the 2016 season started, thus requiring the team name to be changed from Cavan Comets to simply Comets Baseball.

Preseason 2022 Standings

Baseball Ireland Machine Cage League 80mph 2022


Preseason 2022 Schedule

Baseball Ireland Machine Cage League 80mph Playoffs 2022

Baseball Ireland Machine Cage League 80mph Regular Season 2022

Preseason 2022 Recap

Following five 0-0 draws and a 0-1 loss to Fomorians in the Baseball Ireland Preseason 80mph Machine Cage League, Comets Baseball shocked Mariners Baseball 1-0 in the Semi-Finals, before losing 0-1 to Dublin Spartans in the Final.

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