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Baseball Ireland Machine Cage League 80mph 2022

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Baseball Ireland Machine Cage League 80mph


Legend / Key: (W) = Win, 4 Points, (T) = Tie, 2 Points, (L) = Loss, 1 Point.


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Playoff Schedule

Baseball Ireland Machine Cage League 80mph Playoffs 2022

Match Day Semi-Finals
0 - 1

Mariners Baseball vs Comets Baseball

2 - 3

Fomorians vs Dublin Spartans

Match Day Final
1 - 0

Dublin Spartans vs Comets Baseball

Match Day 3rd Place Playoff
(3rd Place Playoff)
4 - 0

Fomorians vs Mariners Baseball

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Recap Week 1

Dublin Spartans and Fomorians scored the only runs of the first week with a 1-0 at Mariners Baseball and Comets Baseball respectively. The other two games between the four teams ended 0-0 ties [1].

Recap Week 2

With Comets Baseball and Dublin Spartans both tie their two games 0-0, Mariners Baseball jumped to the top of the standings, getting the hang of the Batting Machine with 1-0 and 3-0 victories versus Fomorians [1].

Recap Week 3

Two more 0-0 ties for Comets in Week 3 this time with Mariners Baseball, meant they finished in fourth place with 11 points. Mariners topped the Standings with 15 points from 2 wins and 3 ties. Meanwhile Dublin Spartans picked up their first loss in their second game with Fomorians, after the first was a tie. Fomorians finished second with two wins and two ties, with Dublin Spartans picking up third with one win and one tie [1]. All four teams qualify for next weeks Semi-Finals.

Recap Semi-Finals

Comets Baseball shocked the high-scoring Mariners Baseball 1-0 in the Semi-Finals, scoring their first run of this preseason series, while in the other Semi-Final, Dublin Spartans also upped their game winning 3-2 at Fomorians.

Recap Finals

Fomorians scored four runs to defeat Mariners Baseball to take 3rd Place in the Machine Cage League 80mph playoffs while the Gold Medal went to Dublin Spartans with a 1-0 victory in the Final versus Comets Baseball


Using a Pitching Machine and Video System which could tell where hits went in a real Baseball Field in the new Irish Baseball Indoor Training Centre in Finglas, Dublin, the Baseball Ireland 80mph Machine Cage League opened the Irish Baseball Preseason in January 2022.

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baseball bat and balls on a bench
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Thanks to Adrian Kelly, Tom Kelley, Dr. Jose A. Santos, Rav Mphande, Jason Wiebe and Sean Mitchell (Baseball Ireland, Dublin City Hurricanes, Comets Baseball, Ashbourne Giants, Ashbourne Titans).


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