a group of men in uniforms playing baseball in the field


Softball Blitzes

Softball Blitzes are one-day tournaments with teams playing numerous matches over the course of the day. Blitz games are usually played to a set time limit, and start with a one-and-one count (i.e. each player starts with one strike and one ball when coming to the plate to bat.

Softball Blitz Finals

Softball Blitzes take part all over the country, from Dublin in Leinster, to Ulster, Connacht and Munster, this Eirball page is a look at the Finals of each year in Softball Blitzes in Ireland. Links to each years finals are provided below.

Softball Connacht Blitzes

Galway Softball is represented by Galway Tribes and Galway Hookers, and there was once a Connacht Softball Association which included Longford Triads. In 2021 a new four team Galway Softball League started with teams carrying sponsors names from local businesses.

Softball Leinster Blitzes

Softball Blitzes take part throughout Dublin, with the Pink Blitz in St. Mary’s, Templeogue, and the Castleknock Invitational Blitz perhaps being the most notable among Leinster Softball Blitzes. Note: International Blitzes such as the Irish Open Softball Trophy and the Irish International Invitatational have their own page on Eirball.

Softball Munster Blitzes

From the Aughinish All-Ireland Challenge which was held in Limerick from 1986 to 1989 to the Munster Invitational Softball Tournament (MIST) from 2004 to 2005, Munster has played an integtral part of Softball Blitz Tournaments in Ireland.

Softball Ulster Blitzes

From the Teddy Bears Picnic (hosted by Belfast Cubs) to the SU Start of Season Blitz more recently, Blitzes have been a part of the Softball Ulster Weekend Schedule since the beginning.