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IL International League Baseball 1982

WL World League Teams

WL World League Caribbean Division 1982

1Mexico City000.000000

WL World League Pacific Division 1982


UL United League Teams

UL United League Atlantic Division 1982

1New Jersey000.000000
1Washington DC000.000000

UL United League Central Division 1982

1New Orleans000.000000

About the ILB

IN 1981, Charlie Finley, ex-Owner of the Oakland Athletics Baseball Team determined to get vengeance on Major League Baseball, teaming up with none other than the now infamous Donald Trump to announce plans for the IL – International League Baseball to start play in 1982. The IL never got off the ground. Finley and Trump’s league was to have 12 teams: Mexico City, Havana (Cuba), Caracas (Venezuela), Tokyo (Japan), Honolulu, Vancouver, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Miami, New Orleans and East Rutherford, NJ. [References: 1]

The teams could have been evenly split between a United States League (with two three team Divisions: Atlantic and Central) and a World League (with Caribbean and Pacific Divisions) with the winners of the two playing off for the International Series. This would have mirrored Major League Baseball’s American League and National League playing off for the World Series, and Finley intended it to be fully a Major League rival to the American and National Leagues. [References: 1]

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baseball field fisheye lens photo
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