Irish Baseball & Softball Association Leinster Softball League Division 1 1994

League Table

Marlay A109101235019
Cyclone Warriors1165012114517
Oddsox Green105501248915
Batpak Green95401408114
Lotus Eaters1101104218211
Dodder Dynamoes1110121
Oddsox Red107317
Wetsox Yellow
Marlay B

References: [1]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
26.04.94Argonotts7Marlay A13
26.04.94Batpak Green14Lotus Eaters6
26.04.94Oddsox Green2Cyclone Warriors4
27.04.94 Fat Cats 8Dodder Dynamoes 13
27.04.94 Westsox Yellow15Oddsox Red20
27.04.94 Flyers10Marlay B21
Week 2
10.05.94Batpak GreenpArgonottsp
10.05.94Oddsox GreenpMarlay Ap
10.05.94Cyclone Warriors7Lotus Eaters0 #
11.05.94Wetsox Yellow12Fat Cats16
11.05.94Flyers16Dodder Dynamoes23
11.05.94Marlay B9Oddsox Red16
Week 3
17.05.94Argonotts14Oddsox Green13
17.05.94Cyclone WarriorspBatpak Greenp
17.05.94Lotus Eaters0 #Marlay A7
18.05.94Fat Cats23Flyers13
18.05.94Marlay B3Wetsox yellow17
18.05.94Oddsox Red1 #Dodder Dynamoes11
Week 4
24.05.94Cyclone Warriors13Argonotts9
24.05.94Lotus Eaters7Oddsox Green17
24.05.94Marlay ApBatpak Greenp
25.05.94Marlay B8Fat Cats7
25.05.94Oddsox RedpFlyersp
25.05.94Dodder Dynamoes12Wetsox Yellow7
Week 7
21.06.94Marlay A11Oddsox Green1
21.06.94Lotus Eaters0 #Cyclone Warriors7
21.06.94Oddsox GreenArgonotts
Week 8
28.06.94Batpak Grreen31Cyclone Warriors12
28.06.94Marlay A20Lotus Eaters5
28.06.94Argonotts13Cyclone Warriors15
Week 9
05.07.94Oddsox Green 31Lotus Eaters3
05.07.94Batpak Green7Marlay A12
05.07.94Lotus Eaters8Argonotts9
Week 10
19.07.94Cyclone Warriors10Marlay A20
19.07.94Oddsox Green11Batpak Green1
Week 11East v West
27.07.94Dodder Dynamoes7Argonotts8
27.07.94Wetsox Yellow12Lotus Eaters5
27.07.94Flyers15Cyclone Warriors30
27.07.94Marlay B11Oddsox Green23
27.07.94Oddsox Red13Batpak Green6
27.07.94Fatcats7Marlay A11

Reference: [1]


[1] On Deck | Irish Baseball & Softball News (1994) Division 1 Issue 5. August 1994. pg. 8 [Reproduced in Marlay Softball Club 20th Anniversary Booklet, 2009].

[2] Naughton, Lindie (1994) “Dynamoes and Martyrs on collision course” Evening Herald. Thursday, August 4, 1994. pg. 53 / Sport 9


Thanks to Austin Purton and Ciaran Columb, Marlay Martyrs.

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