Leinster Softball Association 1st Division 1999

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LSA 1st Division Stage 2 Final Standings 1999

Marlay Martyrs A (C)7700  0338
Los Banditos7610  2234
Dodder Dynamoes7520  3.5231
Oddsox Blue7430  4.5329
Oddsox Red7331  8122
Oddsox Green7250  9020
Warriors7160  10118
Diamond Dogs (PO)7070  12014
Batpak (PO)7610  0335
AIB Loan Homers Barney7430  2329
Blazzers7430  2.5228
Kiely’s Kegs7430  2.5228
Big Al’s Flyers (RP)7430  2.5127
Jammy Dodgers (RP)7430  3026
Troops (R)7241  5.5018
Underpant Gnomes (R)7043  8.519
Leinster Softball Association 1st Division Stage 2 Final Standings 1999 [Ref: 1]
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Relegation Playoffs   
 1999Big Al’s Flyers6Slammers12
 1999Jammy Dodgers13Marlay Martyrs B12
 Premier 1/2 Playoff   
 1999Diamond Dogs20Batpak2
Leinster Softball Association 1st Division Relegation/Promotion Playoffs 1999 [Ref: 1]

Note: (C) Champions / * Qualify for Playoffs / (PO) Playoff for place in Premier 1 Division 2000 / + Qualify for 2nd Half Primary Conference / (RP) To Relegation Playoff / (R) Relegated.

Stage 2 Primary Conference Results 1999

W/EHome TeamAway Team
Week 8
06.07.1999Dodder Dynamoes11Marlay Martyrs A13
06.07.1999Oddsox Blue11Los Banditos18
06.07.1999Diamond Dogs12Warriors17
06.07.1999Oddsox Red21Oddsox Green6
Week 9
13.07.1999Marlay Martyrs A36Warriors10
13.07.1999Oddsox Green12Oddsox Blue13
13.07.1999Diamond Dogs14Dodder Dynamoes30
13.07.1999Los Banditos15Oddsox Red7
Week 10
20.07.1999Marlay Martyrs A13Oddsox Green8
20.07.1999Dodder Dynamoes7Oddsox Red0
20.07.1999Oddsox Blue23Diamond Dogs11
20.07.1999Los Banditos10Warriors25
Week 11
27.07.1999Oddsox Red19Marlay Martyrs A33
27.07.1999Oddsox Green9Dodder Dynamoes11
27.07.1999Warriors12Oddsox Blue20
27.07.1999Los Banditos15Diamond Dogs9
Week 12
10.07.1999Marlay Martyrs A23Diamond Dogs2
10.07.1999Warriors8Dodder Dynamoes22
10.07.1999Oddsox Blue17Oddsox Red15
10.07.1999Los Banditos10Oddsox Green9 (9i)
Week 13
17.08.1999Los Banditos8Marlay Maryrs A9
17.08.1999Oddsox Green17Warriors6
17.08.1999Dodder Dynamoes11Oddsox Blue10
17.08.1999Oddsox Red15Diamond Dogs2
Week 14
24.08.1999Oddsox BlueLMarlay Martyrs AW
24.08.1999Warriors19Oddsox Red25
24.08.1999Dodder Dynamoes10Los Banditos13
24.08.1999Diamond Dogs3Oddsox Green17
Leinster Softball Association 1st Division Stage 2 Primary Conference Results 1999 [Ref: 1]

Stage 2 Secondary Conference Results 1999

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 8
06.07.1999Kiely’s Kegs6Batpak17
06.07.1999BlazzersLLoan Homers BarneyW
06.07.1999Jammy Dodgers18Underpant Gnomes18
Week 9
13.07.1999Underpant Gnomes2Batpak32
13.07.1999Loan Homers Barney17Troops21
13.07.1999Jammy Dodgers16Kiely’s Kegs17
Week 10
20.07.1999Kiely’s Kegs12Flyers11
20.07.1999Loan Homers Barney15Jammy Dodgers17
20.07.1999Blazzers7Underpant Gnomes0
Week 11
27.07.1999Troops12Kiely’s Kegs25
27.07.1999Underpant Gnomes23Loan Homers Barney36
27.07.1999Jammy Dodgers8Blazzers12
Week 12
10.08.1999Batpak17Jammy Dodgers19
10.08.1999Kiely’s Kegs31Underpant Gnomes7
10.08.1999Flyers12Loan Homers Barney18
Week 13
17.08.1999Troops7Underpant Gnomes0
17.08.1999Loan Homers Barney17Kiely’s Kegs5
17.08.1999Flyers32Jammy Dodgers3
Week 14
24.08.1999Batpak13Loan Homers Barney12
24.08.1999Underpant Gnomes0Flyers7
24.08.1999Kiely’s Kegs11Blazzers16
24.08.1999Jammy Dodgers7Troops0
Leinster Softball Association 1st Division Stage 2 Secondary Conference Results 1999 [Ref: 1]

LSA 1st Division Stage 1 Final Standings 1999

Stage 1 East         
+Marlay Martyrs A7700  0 35
+Dodder Dynamoes7610  1 32
+Warriors7520  2 29
+Diamond Dogs7430  3 26
Batpak7340  4 23
Kiely’s Kegs7250  5 20
Underpant Gnomes7160  6 17
Jammy Dodgers7070  7 14
Stage 1 West         
+Oddsox Blue7610  0 32
+Los Banditos7520  1 29
+Oddsox Red7520  1 29
+Oddsox Green7520  1 29
Loan Homers Barney7340  3 23
Blazzers7250  4 20
Big Al’s Flyers7160  5 17
Troops7160  5 17
Leinster Softball Association 1st Division Stage 1 Final Standings 1999 [Ref: 1]

Phase 1 East Results

W/EHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
20.04.1999Marlay Martyrs A12Dodder Dynamoes3
20.04.1999Diamond Dogs21Underpant Gnomes10
20.04.1999Kiely’s Kegs22Jammy Dogers18
Week 2
27.04.1999Diamond Dogs6Marlay Martyrs A21
27.04.1999Jammy Dodgers2Batpak13
27.04.1999Underpant Gnomes5Dodder Dynamoes26
27.04.1999Kiely’s Kegs5Warriors34
Week 3
18.05.1999Marlay Martyrs A22Jammy Dodgers2
18.05.1999Dodder Dynamoes17Kiely’s Kegs1
18.05.1999Batpak19Underpant Gnomes10
18.05.1999Warriors24Diamond Dogs23
Week 4
25.05.1999Kiely’s Kegs3Marlay Martyrs A16
25.05.1999Jammy Dodgers6Dodder Dynamoes24
25.05.1999Diamond Dogs26Batpak25
25.05.1999Underpant Gnomes13Warriors22
Week 5
01.06.1999Marlay Martyrs A21Underpant Gnomes2
01.06.1999Dodder Dynamoes12Diamond Dogs6
01.06.1999Batpak12Kiely’s Kegs11
01.06.1999Warriors12Jammy Dodgers5
Week 6
15.06.1999Warriors5Marlay Martyrs A9
15.06.1999Jammy Dodgers11Diamond Dogs23
15.06.1999Batpak14Dodder Dynamoes21
15.06.1999Underpant Gnomes18Kiely’s Kegs19
Week 7
22.06.1999Marlay Martyrs A21Batpak9
22.06.1999Diamond Dogs27Kiely’s Kegs8
22.06.1999Dodder Dynamoes24Warriors16
22.06.1999Underpant Gnomes21Jammy Dodgers20
Leinster Softball Association 1st Division Phase 1 East Results 1999 [Ref: 2]

Phase 1 West Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
20.04.1999Oddsox Green6Los Banditos5
20.04.1999Oddsox Red8Oddsox Blue6
20.04.1999Loan Homers Barney8Big Al’s Flyers6
Week 2
27.04.1999Loan Homers Barney3Oddsox Green4
27.04.1999Troops2Oddsox Red29
27.04.1999Flyers4Los Banditos6
27.04.1999Blazzers9Oddsox Blue11
Week 3
18.05.1999Oddsox Green14Troops4
18.05.1999Los Banditos19Blazzers6
18.05.1999Oddsox Red11Flyers6
18.05.1999Oddsox Blue23Loan Homers Barney17
Week 4
25.05.1999Blazzers11Oddsox Green15
25.05.1999Troops9Los Banditos22
25.05.1999Loan Homers Barney9Oddsox Red11
25.05.1999Flyers9Oddsox Blue29
Week 5
01.06.1999Oddsox Green9Flyers2
01.06.1999Los Banditos10Loan Homers Barney7
01.06.1999Oddsox Red15Blazzers17
01.06.1999Oddsox Blue18Troops4
Week 6
15.06.1999Oddsox Blue12Oddsox Green7
15.06.1999Troops9Loan Homers Barney12
15.06.1999Oddsox Red10Los Banditos11
Week 7
22.06.1999Oddsox Green3Oddsox Red13
22.06.1999Loan Homers Barney14Blazzers9
22.06.1999Los Banditos8Oddsox Blue13
Leinster Softball Association 1st Division Phase 1 East Results 1999 [Ref: 1]


Marlay Martyrs A won the Leinster Softball Association 1st Division title in 1999 in fine style, winning all seven games in the Stage 2 Primary Conference, after also winning all seven games in Stage 1, where the 14 teams were divided into two Divisions: East and West

After the season, the 8 teams in the Primary Conference made up the new Primary 1 Division for 2000, with the 8 teams in the Secondary Conference making up the Primary 2 Conference.

There were relegation / promotion playoffs, after which Diamond Dogs retained their place in the Primary 1 Division, and Jammy Dodgers retained their place in the Primary 2 Conference. Big Al’s Flyers, Troops, and Underpant Gnomes were all relegated to the new Senior Division (Third Level).

For more on Softball Leinster including results and tables for seasons and divisions back to 1982 see: https://eirball.ie/leinster-softball/


[2] Oddsox – Wayback Machine Web Archive (2000) Past Seasons – 1996-1997-1998-1999 – 1st Division [Internet] Available from: https://web.archive.org/web/20001204203200/http://www.oddsox.ie [Accessed 25 December 2017]


Thanks to Austin Purton, Lisa Columb, Ciaran Columb, Marie Sayles (Fogarty), Conor Sayles, (Marlay Martyrs).

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