Leinster Softball Association Female Division 1997

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Final Standings

*Brazen Hussies1091028
*Marlay Martyrs1091028
Coolmine Babes945017
Lisa Homers91356
Leinster Softball Association Female Division Final Standings 1997 Reference: [2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
07.09.1997Brazen Hussies18Marlay Martyrs16
Leinster Softball Association Female Division Playoffs 1997 Reference: [2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team
Week 1
15.05.1997Marlay Martyrs7Lisa Homers0 #
15.05.1997Slappers0 #Coolmine Babes7
15.05.1997Brazen Hussies34Angels10
Week 2
22.05.1997Coolmine Babes14Brazen Hussies45
22.05.1997Lisa Homers0 #Slappers7
22.05.1997Angels12Marlay Martyrs40
Week 3
29.05.1997Brazen Hussies7Lisa Homers0 #
29.05.1997Slappers0Marlay Martyrs32
29.05.1997Coolmine BabesPAngelsP
Week 4
19.06.1997Coolmine Babes7Lisa Homers0 #
19.06.1997Marlay Martyrs21Brazen Hussies27
Week 5
26.06.1997Brazen Hussies20Slappers3
26.06.1997Marlay Martyrs19Coolmine Babes7
26.06.1997Lisa Homers0 #Angels7
Week 6
10.07.1997Coolmine Babes29Slappers16
10.07.1997Lisa Homers5Marlay Martyrs33
10.07.1997Angels0 #Brazen Hussies7
Week 7
17.07.1997Brazen Hussies25Coolmine Babes1
17.07.1997Slappers14Lisa Homers11
17.07.1997Marlay Martyrs7Angels0 #
Week 8
24.07.1997Lisa Homers8Brazen Hussies30
24.07.1997Marlay MartyrsWSlappersL
24.07.1997Angels17Coolmine Babes21
Week 9
31.07.1997Lisa Homers15Coolmine Babes14
31.07.1997Marlay Martyrs19Brazen Hussies15
Week 10
21.08.1997Coolmine BabesLMarlay MartyrsW
21.08.1997SlappersLBrazen HussiesW
21.08.1997AngelsLisa Homers
Leinster Softball Association Female Division Regular Season Results 1997


Marlay Martyrs and Brazen Hussies met in the first Final of the Leinster Softball Association Female League in 1997, having had only Co-ed Leagues prior to that. The two teams had finished top of the six-team League with identical 9-1 Wins-Losses records, and after winning one game each against each other during the season it was no surprise that the Final was also close, with Brazen Hussies coming out on top 18-16.

For more on Softball Leinster including results and tables for seasons and divisions back to 1982 see: https://eirball.ie/leinster-softball/



[2] Oddsox – Wayback Machine Web Archive (2000) Past Seasons – 1996-1997-1998-1999 – 1st Division [Internet] Available from: https://web.archive.org/web/20001204203200/http://www.oddsox.ie [Accessed 25 December 2017]


Thanks to Lisa Columb, Marie Sayles (Fogarty) (Marlay Martyrs).

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