Leinster Softball League Female Division 1998

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Final Standings 1998

M&Ms (C)101000  30
Brazen Hussies10730  24
Oddsox Nonads10550  20
Foxy Sluggers10343  13
AIB Loan Homers Lisa10244  10
She Devils10235  9
Reference: [2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
18.06.1998She Devils1M&Ms15
18.06.1998Brazen Hussies14Foxy Sluggers3
18.06.1998Loan Homers Lisa25Oddsox Nonads28
Week 2
25.06.1998She Devils9Brazen Hussies8
25.06.1998M&Ms7Loan Homers Lisa0 #
25.06.1998Oddsox Nonads16Foxy Sluggers17
Week 3
02.07.1998M&Ms7Foxy Sluggers0 #
02.07.1998Loan Homers Lisa21She Devils20
02.07.1998Brazen Hussies7Oddsox Nonads0 #
Week 4
09.07.1998Foxy Sluggers14She Devils13
09.07.1998Loan Homers Lisa2Brazen Hussies6
09.07.1998Oddsox Nonads4M&Ms13
Week 5
16.07.1998Brazen HussiesLM&MsW
16.07.1998Foxy Sluggers2Loan Homers Lisa12
16.07.1998She Devils0 #Oddsox Nonads7
Week 6
16.07.1998M&Ms7She Devils0 #
16.07.1998Foxy Sluggers12Brazen Hussies36
16.07.1998Oddsox Nonads45Loan Homers Lisa21
Week 7
30.07.1998Brazen Hussies7She Devils0 #
30.07.1998Loan Homers Lisa4M&Ms27
30.07.1998Foxy Sluggers0 #OddsoxNonads7
Week 8
06.08.1998Foxy Sluggers0M&Ms29
06.08.1998She Devils7Loan Homers0 #
06.08.1998Oddsox Nonads11Brazen Hussies17
Week 9
13.08.1998She Devils0Foxy Sluggers0
13.08.1998Brazen Hussies7Loan Homes Lisa0 #
13.08.1998M&Ms14Oddsox Nonads6
Week 10
27.08.1998M&MsWBrazen HussiesL
27.08.1998Loan Homers Lisa0 #Foxy SluggersW
27.08.1998Oddsox Nonads7She Devils0 #
[References: 2]


M&Ms – the Female Team of Marlay Martyrs – won the second Leinster Softball League Female Division title in 1998 with 10 wins from 10 games. They wrapped up the Championship in Week 9 with a 14-6 victory over Oddsox Nonads, who finished third, before ending the season with a 100% record with a defeat of nearest challengers Brazen Hussies, who finished second on 7-3 (24 Points). Foxy Sluggers (13 Points, 3-4 and 3 forfeits), AIB Loan Homers Lisa (10 Points, 2-4-4) and She Devils (9 Points, 2-3-5) were the other three teams in the six team Weekend League.



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