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48 Major League Baseball Players have been born in Ireland, from Andy Leonard, who left County Cavan as a baby during the famine, and was on the first professional Baseball team – the Cincinnati Red Stockings of 1869 – to PJ Conlon, from Belfast, who became the first Major League Baseball player born in Ireland since 1945 when he pitched for the New York Mets in 2018.


A number of these players have Irish Baseball League Awards named after them.

Batting Records of Irish Born MLB Players

Jimmy Archer1904-18847264624766016299.249
Tommy Bond1874-8448819752134710174.238
Hugh Campbell1873208691307.151
Michael Campbell1873218491202.143
Joe Cleary1945100000 
Bill Collins1887-915120201.167
PJ Conlon2018121100.500
John Curran18763125402.333
Andy Cusick1884-87953322764015.193
Hugh Daily1882-871675625388017.157
Pete Daniels1890-9814292703.241
Patsy Donovan1890-1907182475051321225616738.301
Tom Dowse1890-9216059062116046.197
Conny Doyle1883-8431126113203.254
Jack Doyle1889-190515696055977181125971.299
Ed Duffy1871261213028015.231
Bill Farmer18885160201.125
Jocko Fields1887-92341131921235812176.271
Mike Flynn1891120000.000
Curry Foley1879-8330513051923736128.286
Hugh Gilgan1875282200.250
Jimmy Hallinan1871-78170760142218583.287
Mike Hines1883-881204516991026.202
Andy Leonard1871-8050123944817154343.299
Con Lucid1893-97541512936017.238
Reddy Mack1885-9055020623815246262.254
Fergy Malone1871-8422010522002881157.274
Charlie McCullough189029953301.032
John McGuinness1876-8466275326704.244
Barney McLaughlin1884-9017869684169366.243
Frank McLaughlin1882-84107426609754.228
Pat McManus1879280100.125
Mike Muldoon1882-86495193225445010187.233
Tony Mullane1881-9478427204076618223.243
Tom Needham1904-1452314911133118119.209
Sam Nicholl1888-902278101004.128
John O’Connell1891-190216513907.176
Johnny O’Connor1916100000 
Paddy O’Connor1908-181082671760021.225
Patrick O’Loughlin1883150200.400
Jack O’Neill1902-0630394574185174.196
Mike O’ Neill1901-071373805097241.255
Cyclone Ryan1887-919334703.212
Bill Sullivan1878261100.167
Sleeper Sullivan1881-84963423963015.184
Ted Sullivan1884390300.333
John Tener1885-90732632962325.236
Jimmy Walsh1912-1754117712354106150.232


Pitching Records of Irish Born MLB Players

Tommy Bond1874-84234163.5892.144173765193150
Hugh Campbell1873216.1112.95192512136
Joe Cleary194500 189.01570
PJ Conlon201800 7.361431
Hugh Daily1882-877387.4562.92165139486631
Pete Daniels1890-9828.2004.7914102701
Tom Dowse1890-9200 5.401630
Jocko Fields1887-9200 0.001030
Curry Foley1879-832727.5003.54695113113
Con Lucid18932323.5006.025448234015
Charlie McCullough1890523.1794.88292761996
Barney McLaughlin1884-9013.2505.36762442
Frank McLaughlin1882-8400 9.00429330
Pat McManus187902.0003.00224211
Tony Mullane1881-94284220.5633.05555419525231
Mike O’Neill1901-073244.4212.73857393588
Cyclone Ryan1887-9101.00010.133791
John Tener1885-902531.4464.306155239828



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