Swim Ireland Swimming Past Olympians 1924-Present

Swim Ireland Logo [Reference: 1]
P ConveryS Barrett
JS BradyMA O’Connor
C FaganJ Beckett
NM Purcell
Samuel M MooreWD Broderick
P McClureJS Brady
MA O’ConnorJA O’Connor
N JuddC Fagan
HG EllerkerTH Dockrell
M Dockrell
Eddie HeronLiam Jones
Stuart KrammPatrick Kavanagh
Ernest McCarthy
Liam BellAnn O’Connor
Donnacha O’DeaVivienne Smith
Ken McCullagh (Team Manager)
Liam BellAnn O’Connor
Brian CliffordBrenda McGrory
Andrew HunterAisling O’Leary
Bobby Madine (Coach)Christine Fulcher
Joe Moore (Team Manager)
Kevin WilliamsonDeirdre Sheehan
Robert HowardMiriam Hopkins
Larry Williamson (Coach)
Norman Green (Technical Official)
Kevin WilliamsonCatherine Bohan
David Cummins
Liam Byrne (Official)
1984Los Angeles
Eddie Skelly (Coach)Julie Parkes
Norman Green (Official)Carol Ann Heavey
Gary O’TooleMichelle Smith
Stephen CullenAileen Convery
Richard Gheel
Norman Green (Official)
Gary O’TooleMichelle Smith
Nick O’HareMichelle Smith
Adrian O’ConnorMarion Madine
Earl McCarthy
Bobby Madine (Coach)
Andrew BreeChantal Gibney
Colin LowthEmma Robinson
Bobby Madine (Coach)
Michael WilliamsonEmma Robinson
Ger Doyle (Coach)
Swim Ireland Swimming Past Olympians 1924-Present [Reference: 1]


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