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Final League Table

*Dublin City Hurricanes171610  65
*Dublin Spartans17890  841
*Greystones Mariners177100  938
Dublin Black Sox152112  1517



DateHome Team Away Team 
 Semi-Final  (Corkagh Park) 
10.09.2016Dublin Spartans0Greystones Mariners1
10.09.2016Greystones Mariners13Dublin Spartans10
(Mariners won Series 2-0)
 A-League Final  (Corkagh Park) 
17.09.2016Dublin City Hurricanes15Greystones Mariners5
17.09.2016Greystones Mariners3Dublin City Hurricanes11
(Hurricanes won Series 2-0)


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
19.03.2016Dublin Black Sox1Greystones Mariners6
20.03.2016Dublin City Hurricanes8Dublin Spartans2
 Week 2   
02.04.2016Dublin Spartans12Greystones Mariners5
 Week 3   
10.04.2016Dublin City Hurricanes17Dublin Spartans7
10.04.2016Dublin City Hurricanes3Dublin Black Sox2
 Week 4   
16.04.2016Greystones Mariners3Dublin Spartans13
17.04.2016Dublin City Hurricanes17Dublin Black Sox2
 Week 5   
24.04.2016Dublin City Hurricanes9Dublin Spartans4
24.04.2016Greystones Mariners12Dublin Black Sox10
 Week 6   
30.04.2016Dublin Spartans12Dublin Black Sox2
 Week 7   
07.05.2016Greystones Mariners3Dublin City Hurricanes10
08.05.2016Dublin Spartans8Dublin Black Sox5
 Week 8   
15.05.2016Dublin City Hurricanes8Greystones Mariners3
15.05.2016Dublin City Hurricanes13Greystones Mariners2
 Week 9   
21.05.2016Greystones Mariners2Dublin Black Sox14
 Week 10   
05.06.2016Dublin SpartansDublin Black Sox
 Week 11   
12.06.2016Dublin Spartans2Greystones Mariners1
12.06.2016Dublin City Hurricanes9Dublin Black Sox0 #
 Week 12   
19.06.2016Greystones MarinersDublin Black Sox
19.06.2016Dublin City Hurricanes16Dublin Spartans5
 Week 14   
02.07.2016Dublin Black Sox3Dublin City Hurricanes11
02.07.2016Greystones Mariners7Dublin Spartans1
 Week 15   
16.07.2016Dublin Black Sox0Greystones Mariners5
17.07.2016Dublin Spartans2Dublin City Hurricanes7
 Week 18   
07.08.2016Dublin Black Sox2Dublin City Hurricanes13
07.08.2016Dublin Spartans7Greystones Mariners9
 Week 19   
14.08.2016Dublin Black Sox3Dublin Spartans7
14.08.2016Greystones Mariners3Dublin City Hurricanes7
 Week 20   
21.08.2016Dublin Black Sox0 #Dublin Spartans7
21.08.2016Greystones Mariners5Dublin City Hurricanes4
 Week 21   
28.08.2016Dublin Black Sox2Dublin Spartans14
28.08.2016Dublin Black Sox4Greystones Mariners2
 Week 22   
04.09.2016Greystones Mariners6Dublin Spartans3
04.09.2016Dublin Spartans0Dublin City Hurricanes11
 Week 23   
07.09.2016Dublin City Hurricanes4Greystones Mariners3
10.09.2016Dublin Black SoxDublin City Hurricanes



Dublin City Hurricanes won their second Final in a row, defeating Greystones Mariners 15-5 & 11-3 to take the series 2-0. This was revenge for the Hurricanes who had lost their first regular season game in three years to the Mariners towads the end of the season.[6]

Final (Best-of-3):

Dublin City Hurricanes 15 Greystones Mariners 5

Greystones Mariners 3 Dublin City Hurricanes 11.

The combined pitching of Alejandro Guerrero (Game 1) & William Pena (Game 2) as well as the superb hitting from joint series MVP’s Kelvin Almanazar & Frank Prieto, who combined for 10 hits from 16 attempts and 12 runs batted-in, powered the Hurricanes to victory in the series. Their runs came early on and they were able to close out the games to win their second League & Playoff double in a row.[6]


Final Series MVPKelvin Almanazar (Dublin City Hurricanes) & Frank Prieto (Dublin City Hurricanes) – Joint MVP




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Thanks to Peter Kavanagh, Baseball Ireland & Peter Mullen, Dublin Black Sox.

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