Leinster Softball Association Premier 1 League 2001

Leinster Softball Associatio Logo [Reference: 5]
Oddsox Green66007854030
Dodder Dynamoes65107753127
Marlay Martyrs A64209064224
Oddsox Red62405272418
Oddsox Blue514071704.513
Los Banditos514045514.513
AIB Loan Homers Barney60604498612
Leinster Softball League Premier 1 Division Standings after 6 Weeks 2001 [Reference: 5]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
24.04.2001Loan Homers Barney2Los Banditos15
24.04.2001Oddsox Red10Oddsox Green11
24.04.2001Batpak0#Oddsox Blue7
Week 2
01.05.2001Marlay Martyrs A21Oddsox Red7
01.05.2001Loan Homers Barney7Dodder Dynamoes13
01.05.2001Los Banditos6Batpak9
01.05.2001Oddsox Green19Oddsox Blue18
Game of the Week 1
11.05.2001Dodder Dynamoes19Marlay Martyrs A18
Week 3
15.05.2001Oddsox Blue12Marlay Martyrs A16
15.05.2001Oddsox Green13Los Banditos12
15.05.2001Dodder Dynamoes8Batpak7
Game of the Week 2
18.05.2001Oddsox Red15AIB Loan Homers Barney14
Week 4
22.05.2001Marlay Martyrs A4Oddsox Green8
22.05.2001AIB Loan Homers Barney9Batpak14
22.05.2001Oddsox Red4Dodder Dynamoes17
Game of the Week 3
25.05.2001Los BanditosOddsox Blue
Week 5
29.05.2001Los Banditos8Marlay Martyrs A15
29.05.2001Batpak5Oddsox Red4
29.05.2001Oddsox Green12Dodder Dynamoes4
29.05.2001Oddsox Blue26AIB Loan Homers Barney6
Week 6
12.06.2001Batpak10Marlay Martyrs A16
12.06.2001Dooder Dynamoes16Oddsox Blue5
12.06.2001Oddsox Red12Los Banditos4
12.06.2001AIB Loan Homers Barney6Oddsox Green15
Week 7
19.06.2001Marlay Martyrs AAIB Loan Homers Barney
19.06.2001Oddsox BlueOddsox Red
19.06.2001Dodder DynamoesLos Banditos
Game of the Week 4
22.06.2001Oddsox GreenBatpak
Week 8
03.07.2001Los BanditosAIB Loan Homers Barney
03.07.2001Oddsox GreenOddsox Red
03.07.2001Oddsox BlueBatpak
Game of the Week 5
06.07.2001Marlay Martyrs ADodder Dynamoes
Week 9
10.07.2001Marlay Martyrs AOddsox Blue
10.07.2001Los BanditosOddsox Green
10.07.2001BatpakDodder Dynamoes
Game of the Week 6
13.07.2001AIB Loan Homers BarneyOddsox Red
Week 10
17.07.2001Oddsox RedMarlay Martyrs A
17.07.2001Dodder DynamoesAIB Loan Homers Barney
17.07.2001BatpakLos Banditos
17.07.2001Oddsox BlueOddsox Green
Week 11
24.07.2001Oddsox GreenMarlay Martyrs A
24.07.2001BatpakAIB Loan Homers Barney
24.07.2001Dodder DynamoesOddsox Red
Game of the Week 7
27.07.2001Oddsox BlueLos Banditos
Week 12
31.07.2001Marlay Martyrs ALos Banditos
31.07.2001Oddsox RedBatpak
31.07.2001Dodder DynamoesOddsox Green
31.07.2001AIB Loan Homers BarneyOddsox Blue
Week 13
14.08.2001AIB Loan Homers BarneyMarlay Martyrs A
14.08.2001Oddsox RedOddsox Blue
14.08.2001Los BanditosDodder Dynamoes
Game of the Week 8
17.08.2001BatpakOddsox Green
Week 14
21.08.2001Marlay Martyrs ABatpak
21.08.2001Oddsox BlueDodder Dynamoes
21.08.2001Los BanditosOddsox Red
21.08.2001Oddsox GreenAIB Loan Homers Barney
Leinster Softball Association Premier 1 League Results 2001 [Reference: 5]



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Thanks to Austin Purton, Ciaran Columb, Marie Sayles (Nee Fogarty) and Conor Sayles (Marlay Martyrs).

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