Leinster Softball League Premier 1 Division 2000


Final League Table

Marlay Martyrs141220  064
Dodder Dynamoes14950  355
Batpak14950  355
Oddsox Blue14860  452
Oddsox Red14770  549
Oddsox Green14680  646
Los Banditos14482  936
Stanley Warriors141112  1227


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
18.04.00Dodder Dynamoes10Marlay Martyrs11
18.04.00Oddsox Blue16Los Banditos8
18.04.00Stanley Warriors2Oddsox Red11
18.04.00Oddsox Green10Batpak12
 Week 2   
09.05.00Oddsox Red18Marlay Martyrs19
09.05.00Batpak16Los Banditos18
09.05.00Stanley Warriors9Dodder Dynamoes8
09.05.00Oddsox Green13Oddsox Blue12
 Week 3   
16.05.00Marlay Martyrs17Batpak18
16.05.00Dodder Dynamoes10Oddsox Green9
16.05.00Los Banditos20Stanley Warriors8
16.05.00Oddsox Blue12Oddsox Red3
 Week 4   
23.05.00Oddsox Green4Marlay Martyrs31
23.05.00Batpak12Dodder Dynamoes17
23.05.00Oddsox Red12Los Banditos2
23.05.00Stanley Warriors19Oddsox Blue26
 Week 5   
30.05.00Marlay Martyrs6Stanley Warriors1
30.05.00Dodder Dynamoes6Oddsox Red4
30.05.00Los Banditos7Oddsox Green8
30.05.00Oddsox Blue14Batpak15
 Week 6   
13.06.00Oddsox Blue19Marlay Martyrs26
13.06.00Batpak13Oddsox Red6
13.06.00Los Banditos3Dodder Dynamoes9
13.06.00Stanley Warriors18Oddsox Green20
 Week 7   
20.06.00Marlay Martyrs13Los Banditos12
20.06.00Oddsox Red27Oddsox Green18
20.06.00Oddsox Blue1Dodder Dynamoes12
20.06.00Stanley Warriors13Batpak18
 Week 8   
27.06.00Marlay Martyrs9Dodder Dynamoes5
27.06.00Los Banditos8Oddsox Blue15
27.06.00Oddsox Red19Stanley Warriors13
27.06.00Batpak38Oddsox Green21
 Week 9   
04.07.00Marlay Martyrs4Oddsox Red9
04.07.00Los Banditos4Batpak25
04.07.00Dodder Dynamoes14Stanley Warriors13
04.07.00Oddsox Blue17Oddsox Green16
 Week 10   
11.07.00Batpak9Marlay Martyrs10
11.07.00Oddsox Green5Dodder Dynamoes4
11.07.00Stanley Warriors7Los Banditos25
11.07.00Oddsox Red11Oddsox Blue14
 Week 11   
18.07.00Marlay Martyrs14Oddsox Green6
18.07.00Dodder Dynamoes18Batpak9
18.07.00Los Banditos18Oddsox Red7
18.07.00Oddsox Blue8Stanley Warriors4
 Week 12   
25.07.00Stanley Warriors10Marlay Martyrs29
25.07.00Oddsox Red5Dodder Dynamoes16
25.07.00Oddsox Green7Los Banditos0 #
25.07.00Batpak13Oddsox Blue12
 Week 13   
01.08.00Marlay Martyrs Oddsox Blue 
01.08.00Oddsox Red Batpak 
01.08.00Dodder Dynamoes7Los Banditos0 #
01.08.00Oddsox Green7Stanley Warriors0 #
 Week 14   
15.08.00Los Banditos6Marlay Martyrs21
15.08.00Oddsox Green12Oddsox Red18
15.08.00Dodder Dynamoes10Oddsox Blue15
15.08.00Batpak7Stanley Warriors0 #

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