Ulster Softball League 2017

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League Table

*Belfast Brawlers10100023484050
Belfast Cubs10730186130341
Belfast Sliders10550165156535
Smokin’ Aces10550154179535
Belfast Angels10372117157825
Bangor Buccaneers100102992491116


Points System: 5 Pts Win / 2 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit #

Results & Fixtures

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
23.04.2017Belfast Cubs28Belfast Sliders5
23.04.2017Bangor Buccaneers6Belfast Angels19
24.04.2017Smokin’ Aces23Belfast Brawlers30
 Week 2   
30.04.2017Bangor Buccaneers1Belfast Cubs15
01.05.2017Belfast Sliders15Belfast Angels7
 Week 3   
08.05.2017Smokin’ Aces5Belfast Cubs20
08.05.2017Belfast Brawlers15Belfast Angels7
 Week 4   
14.05.2017Bangor Buccaneers19Smokin’ Aces41
 Week 5   
21.05.2017Belfast Angels8Belfast Cubs14
21.05.2017Bangor Buccaneers9Belfast Brawlers36
22.05.2017Belfast Brawlers36Belfast Sliders6
 Week 6   
04.06.2017Belfast Angels17Smokin’ Aces18
05.06.2017Belfast Sliders24Bangor Buccaneers14
 Week 7   
11.06.2017Belfast Cubs4Belfast Brawlers25
12.06.2017Smokin’ Aces18Belfast Sliders17
 Week 8   
18.06.2017Belfast Cubs30Bangor Buccaneers11
18.06.2017Belfast Angels4Belfast Brawlers30
19.06.2017Belfast Sliders34Smokin’ Aces8
 Week 9   
25.06.2017Belfast AngelspBangor Buccaneersp
26.06.2017Belfast Brawlers22Belfast Cubs15
 Week 10   
03.07.2017Smokin’ Aces7Belfast Angels0 #
 Week 11   
23.07.2017Belfast Cubs22Smokin’ Aces18
 Week 12   
30.07.2017Bangor BuccaneerspBelfast Slidersp
 Week 13   
06.08.2017Belfast Angels0 #Belfast Sliders7
07.08.2017Belfast Brawlers20Smokin’ Aces9
 Week 14   
14.08.2017Belfast Brawlers7Bangor Buccaneers0 #
14.08.2017Belfast Sliders12Belfast Cubs16
 Week 15   
27.08.2017Belfast Cubs20Belfast Angels21
28.08.2017Smokin’ Aces7Belfast Buccaneers0 #
28.08.2017Belfast Sliders7Belfast Brawlers33
 Week 16   
10.09.2017Bangor Buccaneers16Belfast Sliders38


Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Bangor BuccaneeersDonaghadee Rugby Club, North Down & Ards
Belfast AngelsHydebank Parks & Playing Fields, Belfast City
Belfast BrawlersHenry Jones Playing Fields, Belfast City
Belfast CubsStrandtown Primary School, Belfast City
Belfast SlidersNewforge Country Club, Belfast City
Smokin’ AcesHenry Jones Playing Fields, Belfast City





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Thanks to Andrew Craven & Daniel & Christina Taylor and Belfast Sliders.

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