Ulster Softball League 2018

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League Table

Belfast Brawlers1091030580047
Belfast Cubs10730196101241
Belfast Sliders10640254184338
Smokin’ Aces10640242185338
Bangor Buccaneers10190118356823
Belfast Angels10181732828.721


Points System: 5 Pts Win / 2 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit #

Results & Fixtures

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
20.05.2018Bangor Buccaneers5Belfast Brawlers70
20.05.2018Belfast Angels6Smokin’ Aces37
21.05.2018Belfast Sliders8Belfast Cubs6
 Week 2   
27.05.2018Belfast Angels22Bangor Buuccaneers8
28.05.2018Belfast Sliders7Belfast Brawlers14
28.05.2018Smokin’ Aces18Belfast Cubs17
 Week 3   
10.06.2018Bangor Buccaneers6Belfast Cubs24
11.06.2018Smokin’ Aces13Belfast Brawlers36
 Week 4   
17.06.2018Belfast Angels0#Belfast Cubs7
18.06.2018Belfast Sliders33Smokin’ Aces34
 Week 5   
24.05.2018Belfast Angels5Belfast Sliders33
25.05.2018Belfast Brawlers19Belfast Cubs20
25.05.2018Smokin’ Aces32Bangor Buccaneers6
 Week 6   
01.07.2018Bangor Buccaneers23Belfast Sliders54
01.07.2018Belfast Cubs31Smokin’ Aces16
02.07.2018Smokin’ Aces34Belfast Sliders38
02.07.2018Belfast Brawlers33Belfast Angels5
 Week 7   
08.07.2018Belfast Cubs35Belfast Angels2
09.07.2018Belfast Brawlers34Bangor Buccaneers11
 Week 8   
22.07.2018Belfast Angels7Belfast Brawlers47
23.07.2018Belfast Sliders37Bangor Buccaneers18
 Week 9   
30.07.2018Belfast Brawlers11Smokin’ Aces4
 Week 10   
05.08.2018Bangor Buccaneers1Smokin’ Aces35
05.08.2018Belfast Cubs3Belfast Brawlers16
06.08.2018Belfast Sliders30Belfast Angels7
 Week 11   
12.08.2018Belfast Cubs18Belfast Sliders9
12.08.2018Smokin’ Aces19Belfast Angels6
 Week 12   
26.08.2018Bangor Buccaneers31Belfast Angels13
27.08.2018Belfast Brawlers25Belfast Sliders5


Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Bangor BuccaneeersBloomfield Playing Fields, North Down & Ards
Belfast AngelsHydebank Playing Fields, Belfast City
Belfast BrawlersHenry Jones Playing Fields, Belfast City
Belfast CubsStrandtown Primary School, Belfast City
Belfast SlidersNewforge Country Club, Belfast City
Smokin’ AcesDixon Playing Fields, Belfast City





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Thanks to Andrew Craven & Daniel & Christina Taylor and Belfast Sliders.

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