The World Baseball and Softball Confederation governs the twin sports throughout the World, and includes Continental Federations such as the Confederation of European Baseball and European Softball Federation.

Confederation of European Baseball – Ireland Teams

Ireland’s first foray into the European Baseball Championships occured in 1996, and with the National Team, and Juniors have been competing on a Regular basis in Europe since. In addition Irish Baseball League Champions have represented Ireland in European Competitions.

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Confederation of European Baseball

CEB European Championships; CEB European Junior Championships

Confederation of European Baseball | European Championship Seniors | B-Pool 1996-2004

Confederation of European Baseball | European Baseball Championship Qualifiers 2006-2013

Confederation of European Baseball |European Championships C-Pool 2014-2018

CEB European Championship B-Pool (Years): 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004

CEB European Championship Qualifiers (Years): 2006 2008 2011

CEB European Championship B-Level (Years): 2013

CEB European Championship C-Pool (Years): 2014 2016 2018

CEB European Championship Juniors (Years): 2017

British Baseball (American Code)

British Baseball has as a longer History than most people imagine, with a League dating back to the late 1800s. In the 1960s it was so popular there was a Professional League, with English Soccer teams like Tottenham Hotspur, Nottingham Forest and Derby County fielding teams in it. The name of Derby County’s Soccer Ground: “The Baseball Grounds” is a testament to how popular it once was. [Reference: Josh Chetwynd “Baseball in Europe”]

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British Baseball Leagues

British Baseball Federation

British Baseball Federation National League (Seasons): 1991

International Softball – Ireland Teams

Ireland enters teams into the World Baseball-Softball Confederation (WSBC) Women’s World Softball Championships, European Softball Federation (ESF) European Softball Championships (both Fastpitch) as well as the Coed (Mixed) and Men’s Slowpitch European Championships. Club teams also enter the Coed Slowpitch Club Championships.

Here are links to various International Softball competitions involving Ireland teams and Irish Club team

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World Baseball & Softball Confederation


Women’s World Softball Championships (Fastpitch) (Years): 2016

Canada Cup International Women’s Fastpitch Tournament (Years): 2002

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American Softball Teams in Ireland

American Softball Teams in Ireland

American Softball Teams in Ireland:

International Softball – USS Fresno 20 USS Johnston & USS Rush 5 – Croke Park Dublin 1948


Professional Softball Leagues for women include National Pro Fastpitch – the latest attempt at establishing a permanent Professional Softball League (Fastpitch Softball is Women’s Baseball). There are also leagues in Europe and around the world

Women’s Pro Softball

National Pro Fastpitch (Women’s Softball) (Seasons):


Cowles Cup 2004: Texas Thunder 10 New England Riptide 1

World Softball

Softball has two main variations: Fastpitch Softball, which is Women’s version of Baseball, and Slowpitch Softball, a mainly mixed (coed) recreational version of the game. In Europe, however, both Slowpitch and Fastpitch are highly competitive sports with International fixtures for both Club and Country. In USA, the highest levels of the sport of Softball in the World are the Professional Fastpitch Leagues and NCAA College Softball Leagues for Women

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World Softball

UK Softball

UK Softball (Seasons): 1991